howitzer skirmish

Assert your dominance over the battlefield. Equiped with a deadly howitzer cannon, it is your task to seek and destroy the enemy units. With a physics simulation never seen before, this game allows full interaction with the surroundings. The source code and artwork for this game will be released to the community under the GPL Version 3 license. However, there is a twist. Before source code is released, this game needs community funding of one thousand dollars. Half of this money is already pledged. If you want this Open Source, nay Free, game running on your computer, please consider pledging a small contribution. If you are unable to fund, you can also contribute by discussing the future for this game on the forum.

Howitzer Skirmish is developed by Bram Stolk, author of Stormbaan Coureur. Bram started programming games at the age of 12, on his Sinclair ZX Spectrum. He spent a decade as a Virtual Reality engineer with SARA in Amsterdam. Bram currently lives in Vancouver British Columbia. Bram is testing the Ransom Publishing Model with Howitzer Skirmish. You can help Bram realize his current ambition of publishing a community funded GPL game. Logo